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We take our health for granted.  But then an accident occurs: a car pulls out in front of you, a semi truck suddenly switches lanes in front of you, you slip and fall on spilled milk in the grocery store, your neighbor's dog bites you, and suddenly you're in pain, you're hurting, unable to work, unable to do the smallest things for yourself.  Your life has been turned on its head through no fault of your own.  Maybe the other guy's insurance company calls.  They act like they care, but try to make a claim:  first they ask you to send them ALL of your medical records, ALL the information about the accident.  Weeks pass, and then you run into the very cold, hard wall of NOT OUR FAULT, or YOU'RE NOT REALLY HURT!  Insurance companies, even the good hands people, the good neighbor company, even Flo's group, are not in the business of paying your claim...at the bottom line, they are concerned only with making money.  Now you're hurt, and you're pretty sure that you've been caled a liar!  What to do?  Fill  out the contact form, below or call M. Santa Barbara Law Office at

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