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Sunday Morning

Posted on April 12, 2015 at 9:35 AM

     Last night I wrote what I thought was a great blog.  It was intellectual, sensitive, almost poetic in its language.  The blog discussed my thoughts on electing our supreme court.  Simply put, I am opposed to it.  With the first two branches of government awash with the poison of money, I think that we need to keep at least the third branch free of undue influence.  America is a republican democracy.  As such we don't let the mob make laws, we leave that to the slightly less capricious legislature, and the executive branch.  When it comes to determining whether the laws made by the legislature are offensive to the rubric of the Constitution and the Amendments, I would prefer to have bloodless, agnostics, wholly removed from the hurly burly of making a living, or getting relelected to office, making the final determinations.

     So, that was the gist of what I wrote.  Unfortunately, I finished the blog post at the morning's threshold, and did not have my more mature editor available to temper my opinions, let alone, the flamboyance of my writing style, and so I pushed the button marked "save draft".  The elegant little blog post vanished, and then, in that quiet hour of the morning, I knew that I would never see it again.  It had gone into the ethernet, and left only the tattered little bit of memory, written above.  I'm sad for the loss of my little blog post.  I wonder where it is; I wonder if it is being read with sympathetic eyes, or has it simply ceased to be?  As with our lives, I prefer to believe that my blog post is somewhere, understood, chuckled at, and appreciated.

     The point of this whole post is:  don't elect supreme court justices, and don't hesitate to publish!  It's a beautiful sunny, Sunday morning.  Go enjoy!  


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