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What's wrong with lawyer jokes?

     A:  Lawyers don't think they're funny, and other people don't think they're jokes.

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     Given the weights and speeds involved in most motor vehicle collisions, it is reasonable to predict that significant injury will occur to the human participants therein.  In other words, if your car stops suddenly against an unyeilding force, such as the side of the car or truck that just ran the stop sign in front of you, someone is going to get hurt.  Accidents involving cars, motorcycle, tractor trailer trucks generally happen for one reason:  distracted driving.  Someone was texting, when they should have been driving, someone was talking on the cell phone, someone was driving while tired, intoxicated, emotionally upset.  We have become so casual about the experience of driving that we no longer give it the laser like focus that it deserves.

     Accidents involving 4-wheelers, or ATVs generally have to do with lack of training or experience.  Usually an ATV accident is preceded by the phrase:  "Hey, watch this!"

     No matter what vehicle was involved, if you're seriously injured, you need to get the right lawyer for the right results.


       Some interesting facts about driving while impaired:

A person weighing 160lbs., drinking 2 beers in an hour, would have a BAC (blood alcohol content) of .04, well below the legal limit, but that same person would be more than 1.4 times more likely to have an accident then a sober person.  Add another 2 beers to the equation, and the BAC climbs to .08, the line between legal and illegal, but a point at which many people claim they are perfectly capable of driving safely.  At .08 BAC, a driver will be 11 times more likely to have an accident than a sober driver.  Add 2 more beers, for a six-pack, and the BAC climbs to .10 (the old legal limit), and the driver is 48 times more likely to have an accident.  Add 2 more beers, and the BAC rises to .15, not an unheard of BAC, but the risk of having an accident rises to 380 times that of a sober person.

     If you're hurt in an accident, and you think the accident had to do with intoxication, even if you're a passenger in the car driven by the intoxicated person, call the right lawyer for the right results.


     The statistics for driving while texting are similarly sobering. (Ha! Did you see that! I made a joke!) 5 seconds is the average length of time that you take your eyes off of the road to text.  At 55 mph, that's enough time to travel the length of a football field. Ask any running back:  a lot of bad can happen in the length of a football field.  Even though we know that we are not supposed to drive and text, 49% of all drivers under 35 years of age, with a cell phone, send or read text messages while driving. 78% of teen and young adult drivers have read a text message while driving.  71% of teen and young adult drivers have composed and sent a text message while driving.  A driver who texts, or even talks on a phone is 3 times more likely to have an accident than an undistracted driver.

     If somebody just ran you off the road because they were too involved in a text, or a cell phone conversation, and you're hurt, you need to call the right lawyer to get the right results.


     Surprisingly, one of the most dangerous forms of driving is one that almost all of us engage in from time to time, and is perfectly legal:  driving while sleepy.  35% to 40% of Americans report difficulty in falling asleep.  20%, one in five drivers on the road report getting insufficient sleep.  Those most at risk for driving while drowsy are shift workers, commercial drivers, and young male drivers.  AAA studies have suggested that 1 in every 6 fatal car wreck, or 17%, are due to drowsy drivers.

     Call the right lawyer for the right results.

Tractor trailer wreck

Not sure, but I think it means a bad day for the folks in the car, above.