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accidents shouldn't hurt twice


Client Testimonials

"Mr. Santa Barbara handled our case with professionalism, precision and compassion.  He was always quick to respond to our many questions and concerns, and never let us down.  His expertise was definitely an asset.  He got us through a very difficult time."  Bea Pennington, Martinsburg, WV


"I have known Michael for many years and consider him a brilliant attorney.  in my opinion he is a deep thinker and sound strategist.  he knows the system well and how best to look out for and protect his client's interests.  His advice to me was sound and I trusted him on my case.  The case was settled with the defendants insurance company on amicable terms.  His legal fees were very fair, contingent on the settlement amount, and paid at the time of our receipt of the settlement check.  Michael succeeded in negotiating a significantly higher settlement than the insurance wanted to offer.  All in all, the case closed successfully, and I was pleased with the result."  Walt Eifert, Martinsburg, WV